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Counseling Washington provides an extensive directory of counseling practioners
and resources for mental health consumers throughout Washington State. As the
state's largest and most trusted local resource, you will find therapists who specialize in every form of counseling, including anxiety, trauma / PTSD, depression, families, relationships, career, addictions, children, eating disorders, couples, marriages and much more.

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Therapy groups offered by the professionally listed counselors
on Counseling Washington span a wide variety of issues. Search
for groups by focus; search by geographic area or search by
our group categories which include Adolescent therapy groups,
Co-Ed groups, Men’s therapy groups, or Women’s therapy groups.

Work with a professional counselor and other group members
sharing a common need. Group therapy promotes:

  • Support.
  • Discovery of new alternatives, and comforts members in such
    a way that their difficulties become resolved and alternative
    behaviors are learned.
  • New ways of relating to people. During group therapy, people
    begin to see that they are not alone and that there is hope and
    help. It is comforting to hear that other people have a similar
    difficulty, or have already worked through a problem that deeply
    disturbs another group member.
  • Trust in a group.

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Consumer resources, links to goverment information, articles, what you need to help you choose the right therapist or find a therapy group, and much more.

Counselor resources to help support and build your private practice, links to Wa. State requirements, timely articles, blogs and much more, all available on Counseling Washington.

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