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This is a page is a collection of web links to discussions of ethical and unethical behavior of counselors, some based on complaints by clients or their family members.
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"...On entering her treatment program her counselor became emotionally involved with her, he had her living with him a few days after entering the centre." From Unethical counselor, "Ask Dr. Dombeck: Psychotherapy and Mental Health Questions, on  Note: The link takes you to the complete problem statement. To read Dr. Dombeck's answer you may need to click "I agree" to the site's Terms and Conditions.

Ethical Rehabilitation Counseling in a Managed-Care Environment, Journal of Rehabilitation, April, 2000 by Larry G. Kontosh.  Do the funding restrictions of Managed Care Organizations define the rehabilitation counselors ethical boundaries of counselor efforts? - Report: Drug counselors lack skills.  Too many drug treatment counselors in California are unskilled, unethical and uneducated, according to a report released today (10/27/07).

"How Consensus Regarding The Prohibition Of Dual Relationships Has Been Contrived," By Ofer Zur, Ph.D.  Adapted from: Lazarus, A. A. and Zur, O. (Eds.) (2002).  Dual Relationships and Psychotherapy, New York: Springer. Chapter 31, pp. 449-462.

Online Counseling and Ethics, The Ethics of online counseling; is ...
It is not possible to stop unethical counselors from offering inferior services online. However, organizations such as the ACA must take additional steps to ...

The Feminist Case Against Abortion
Coercive and unethical counselors lie to vulnerable women and pressure them. This has happened in some abortion clinics as well as some pregnancy care ...

Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education - Inside Higher...
Are there some unethical counselors out there who break confidentiality when they should not? Sure, just as there are lawyers who do the same. ...  

How Consensus Regarding The Prohibition Of Dual Relationships Has ...
Unethical counselors cultivate dual relationships" (p. 49). While giving some lip service and acknowledgment that dual relationships are not always ...

Yahoo! Answers - unethical counselor...?
15 answers - Hi, I went to see a marriage counselor who is friends with my personal therapist in the same office. After a few visits the marriage counselor ...

The AACC Christian Counseling Code of Ethics  PDF/Adobe Acrobat file
Christian counselors do not aid and abet the practice of unlicensed, untrained,. unqualified, or unethical counseling.  Professional clinicians do not aid ...

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