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Contract Therapist Position

Job/Position Opening

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Contract Therapist Position

Job/Position Opening

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Morina Counseling



9415 Roosevelt Way NE seattle, WA WA


Position/Job Description:

Private Practice Part-time or Full-time, Contract Morina Counseling is looking to add a licensed Part or Full-time therapist for an expanding practice. If you recently received your License and/or have thought about private practice then this is a great opportunity learn how to start and grow a private practice without the worry of marketing, billing, rent, and so on. The office is located in the heart of Maple Leaf and shares a space with other mental health professionals and massage therapists. You will have the opportunity to work with your ideal clients and have the flexibility of controlling your own schedule. Enjoy being able to provide therapy the way you want without having to worry about anything else. Benefit from competitive reimbursement rates and a relaxed work atmosphere. If you are not already paneled you will receive help credentialing with the major insurance companies. Must be a fully licensed mental health professional (no associates please). Job Type: Full-time Contract Pay between $42 - $70 an hour Job Location: Seattle, WA 98115 Required education: Job Type: Full-time,


Qualification Requirements:

Master's degree and full professional licensure in the state of Washington


To Apply:

Contact Phillip Morina
(360) 623-3126


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Call or email us for more information. (360) 623-3126