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Walter McGerry - Approved Counseling Supervisor

Walter McGerry


Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Approved Counseling Supervisor, Washington State

(206) 364-8315

North Seattle near Northgate.
Seattle, WA

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North Seattle near Northgate.
Seattle, WA
(206) 364-8315

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(206) 364-8315

Walter McGerry


Approved Counseling Supervisor, Washington State


Practice Overview:

I work with supervisees and consultees who are working with individuals, couples and families. My focus is based in depth work, primarily Analytical (often called Jungian) and Transpersonal Psychologies.

In my approach to psychotherapy, healing is the byproduct of making conscious the relationships to the unconscious psyche.

The stumbling blocks that clients find in life with their conscious approach are what bring them to therapy. I use dreams, somatic awareness, relationships and the synchronicities one encounters to guide the work. This work is about connection to one’s  deep creativity.


Supervisory Approach:

I have offered supervision for many years. I also taught consultation for students in their internships in Antioch's graduate program.

My primary theoretical orientation for supervision is Analytical (often called Jungian) and Transpersonal Psychology. I will look with you at the deep symbolic meanings within your encounter with the client, what is touched in you, and what constellates within our consultation hour to help guide your development as a therapist.

The word ‘therapist’ is related to the Greek word, ‘therapon’, which means ‘attendant’. As psychotherapists we attend the client in their encounter with the unconscious and help them relate to Psyche/Soma..

As your supervisor I will attend your re


Call or email Walter McGerry for more information. (206) 364-8315

Niche Specialty

  • Creativity

My Qualifications:

Years in Practice: 30+ Years
School: Antioch University
Year Graduated: 1986
License No. and State: LH00004952,LF00000849 WA

Years Counseling: 30+

Currently Supervising: 1 Licensed Associates

Supervision Fee:

  • Hourly $145

Supervisory Training:

  • 15 CEU's Supervisory Training
  • 1 CEU's Advanced Supervisory Training