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Sharon Sanborn in Seattle

“Stop Getting Triggered or Defensive: Chill Tools for Self-Control”

18 W Mercer St, #Suite #360 Seattle, WA
(206) 283-9767

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18 W Mercer St, #Suite #360 Seattle, WA
(206) 283-9767

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(206) 283-9767

“Stop Getting Triggered or Defensive: Chill Tools for Self-Control”

Therapy Group

Group Description:

Do you get emotionally triggered or reactive, get defensive or critical resulting in others' feelings getting hurt? You may feel out-of-control and later regret not speaking effectively and empathetically. Sign up today and take a step towards calmness, self-mastery and deeper connection with yourself and those you love or work with. Feel free and at-choice responding to others no matter what they say or do. Learn to communicate what you really feel, think and want with ease and confidence! ***This is a 6 week on-line course with virtual group coaching weekly via Zoom (not in-person).<

Dates/Times Offered:

Every 6 weeks 2019
6:00 - 7:00 PM

Facilitator Qualifications:

Sharon Sanborn has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Relationship Coach, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Art Therapist in private practice in Seattle and globally since 2005. She has been in the counseling, coaching and education fields for over 35 years specializing in self-mastery, relationships, communication, sexuality and gender. She specializes in freedom from anxiety and negative thinking, dating successfully, positive powerful relationships


  • Screening fee is charged to participants: $0
  • Participation fee charged per meeting: $6 weeks for $149 or $299


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(206) 283-9767
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Call or email Sharon Sanborn for more information. (206) 283-9767