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Mental Health Counselor

Job/Position Opening

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Acorn Therapy, PLLC



7500 212th SW Edmonds , WA 98026


Position/Job Description:

Acorn Therapy, PLLC, is hiring a compassion-focused and trauma-trained clinician. We're excited to find a new colleague who is invested in building greater access to high-quality care for adult clients with PTSD, C-PTSD, and other trauma and stressor-related experiences. This is an ideal role for a clinician wanting to work in private practice without dealing with the administrative load of running a business. Maybe that's you!

This position can be remote or hybrid remote/in-person. Remote therapists are encouraged to apply as we do receive out-of-county client inquiries.


Employment Type & Benefits

This is a W2, hourly, flexible schedule position that can be part-time or full-time. Benefits include:

  • PTO accrual (with time off encouraged for your wellbeing!)
  • Monthly stipend for health insurance
  • Yearly stipend for CEUs
  • Support with caseload and marketing
  • Insurance credentialing (if eligible)
  • EHR and HIPAA-compliant phone, fax, email, and telehealth platform
  • In-house professional development and training
  • Consultation meetings
  • Stipend for supervision (if applicable).

Starting pay is $40-$55 per clinical hour DOE and licensure level; $25-$30 per administrative hour.



> Conduct trauma-sensitive intake assessments and MSEs for new clients.

> Provide individual therapy to clients on a weekly basis and/or as needed.

> Complete clinical, billing, and insurance documentation within specified time frames.

> Develop crisis and safety plans as needed.

> Adhere to all current federal and state laws, regulatory requirements, and ethical codes.

> Uphold Acorn Therapy's practice policies and procedures, HIPAA compliance, and clinical policies.

> Maintain professional licensure status, competency, and skills via self-directed learning and continued education.

> Balance clinical work with administrative tasks such as treatment planning, completing notes, scheduling, and responsive client communication.

> Represent the values of Acorn Therapy in your work with clients and among the larger community.


Qualification Requirements:

Required Qualifications

> Master's degree in clinical psychology, mental health counseling, or equivalent.

> Active and unrestricted mental health counselor license (or equivalent) in Washington State or be able to provide proof of forthcoming licensure. We're open to associate-level licensees; however, associates will need to secure off-site supervision - we are happy to support this process with a monthly supervision stipend.

> Active malpractice insurance with 1 million/3 million coverage.

> Particular desire to focus on trauma care and possess, at least, foundational knowledge of developmental trauma, shock trauma, complex trauma, attachment, and relational trauma.

> Competency in trauma-focused treatment planning, case conceptualization, and overarching trajectory for the therapeutic processes.


Desired Qualifications

> Knowledge of additional co-occurring issues such as anxiety, depression, dissociative identity disorder, somatoform disorders, and personality disorganization.

> Knowledge of contemporary trauma theories that incorporate concepts such as attachment and safety-seeking, developmental psychology, affective neuroscience, psychophysiology, systemic/social-environmental factors, and grief in the context of trauma.

> Knowledge of specific trauma experiences such as intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, childhood bullying, and child neglect.

> Training and/or certification in one or more trauma treatment approaches such as EMDR, IFS/Parts/Ego States, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, NARM, CPT, etc.


To Apply:

Contact Jessica French
(425) 424-7187


Web Site:

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Call or email us for more information. (425) 424-7187