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Site News - Counseling Washington

June 2016 / New Site Feature

Blogging has been added to the Counseling Washington website and we would like to invite our membership to contribute.  

Here's what we are doing.  Counseling Washington has added two areas on the website for blog articles.  The first area is on our homepage at  Blogs on the main homepage of the site are meant to be aimed at consumers of services such as yours.  The other blog area is located on the secondary homepage for our Counselor/Therapist community at and is aimed at others, like yourself, in private practice in Washington State.

Blogging or short articles can be a very informative and interesting way to reach new audiences in need of your services.  Not only does it increase web traffic to your own profile, it establishes you in the field as having expertise on particular subjects.  Blog articles are also a great way to open a discussion with other professionals.  We are hoping to serve both communities through our approach.

We launched a consumer oriented blog series called "A view from the other side of the couch" meant to give counselors the opportunity to share some of their thoughts and experiences with consumers on what your thoughts are "between" seeing the client.  The idea behind this series is to show the depth of thought, consideration, caring, and professional experience that goes in to each and every client you treat.  It's a fun opportunity to just share with consumers a little more about how you think and work with clients.  You can check out our first issue in the series on our homepage now.

The blogs on the therapist homepage can be used to discuss issues arising in the industry, changes in state laws, and any other topics that may be of interest or concern to our membership - each of you.  These blog articles can be posted with or without the ability for others to comment.

Counseling Washington has put new tools in place to support our joint interests in blogging.  Additionally we will link your blog article directly to your listing profile on the site increasing exposure to your profile and the services you provide - free for submitting an article we publish. 

If you are interested in learning more about blogging with Counseling Washington please give me a call at 425.598.2128.  If you are leaving a message please indicate good times to reach you as I realize many of you have very full days with clients.

Lisa Pastore
Managing Director
Counseling Washington