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Articles of Interest - Counseling Washington

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Addiction Articles

Treatment Programs in Washington State: Sex Offender

The Brain's Response to Steroids

The Brain's Response to Stimulants

The Brain's Response to Methamphetamines

The Brain's Response to Inhalants

The Brain's Response to Hallucinogens

How does Cocaine Affect the Body and the Brain?: Why treatment is usually required.

The Brain's Response to Opiates
(Heroin (smack), morphine, codeine or the synthetic oxycotin)

A Guide for the Addiction Treatment Workforce: "Optimize Your Web Time," is a new publication from the ATTC National Office designed to help substance abuse treatment staff be more effective in locating and using online resources.

Oxycodone - A Two Page Printable Fact Sheet With Pictures


When Your Friend is Using Cocaine. What can you do?

Drunk Driving & DUI's: The Legal and Emotional Consequences of Alcohol Use

Weight Management

Substance Abuse--How To Recognize It.

The Brain's Response to Nicotine --sure it's legal but...

Women and the Contemporary Lung Cancer Epidemic


The NIDA for Teens Web Site: is brought to you by the scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


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Medical Related Articles


What is Naturopathy?