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Counseling related Acronyms and Abbreviations


GAL = Guardian Ad Litem
An attorney or other trained person who is appointed by the court to represent the interest of a child or disabled person in a pending court case--commonly used to represent children in a divorce there are allegations of domestic violence or child abuse or custody is contested.


GC-C = Grief Counselor, Certified
(Certified Grief Counselor), American Academy of Grief Counseling, American Institute of Health Care Professionals.


GCMH = Global Council for Mental Health
(A new WHO organization, 2004).


GMHS = Geriatric Mental Health Specialist
Defined by WAC 388-865-0150 which applies to an agency that is licensed by the Mental Health Division as a Community Mental Health Program. This would not apply to an individual in private practice. [Thanks to Washington State DSHS, Mental Health Division, (360) 902-0787.] While the mental health professional is employed by the agency the meaning is as follows: WAC 388-865-0150 Definitions. "(2) A 'geriatric mental health specialist' is defined as a mental health professional who has the following education and experience: (a) A minimum of one hundred actual hours (not quarter or semester hours) of specialized training devoted to the mental health problems and treatment of persons sixty years of age or older; and (b) The equivalent of one year of full-time experience in the treatment of persons sixty years of age or older, under the supervision of a geriatric mental health specialist."


GSA-NCC = Graduate Student Application for the National Certified Counselor
Allows advanced students in participating counselor preparation programs at colleges and universities to to take the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) and start the certification process while their "book learning" is fresh. [Thanks to The NCC, Spring 2007, page 20, a publication of the NBCC.]

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