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Private practice counselors start advertising your services on Counseling Washington today. Create your account, select the listing type you wish to create from within your new account and get found by clients looking for you!

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Washington State Approved Supervisors

Are you a Licensed Associate in need of a Washington State Approved Supervisor? Look no further - we have a host of supervisors to choose from.

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Training/Workshops for Counselors

Find workshops and training to support your continuing education needs. Our workshop calendar makes it easy to plan for your upcoming requirements. See what’s available in your area and link to registration information quickly and easily.

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Job Openings for Counselors

Find the right job in your field. Available positions are shown with links to application proceedures easily accessible. View the job description to determine your eligibility for these career opportunities and communicate with hiring managers.

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Looking for Office Space?

If you are looking for the perfect office space to run your private practice, take a look at the wide variety of office space listings here. From shared office space to rentals by the day, your search may be easier than you thought!

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Blogs & Articles
  • Thank you for your help and information and making this process easy for me. - Cindy, Consumer
  • You provide a wonderful service and I thank you for it. - Wendy, Counselor
  • Finding a counselor that truly pairs up well with you and feels like the right fit is just such a crucial element of the therapeutic process, and the Counseling Washington website is the best local resource I’ve found that effectively and efficiently bolsters a connection between those in need and those who may best be able to help.
    Justin Pere, LMHC
  • I have found CW to be the best overall resource for therapy on the web in our state. I appreciate how clients are able to easily find me in my different locations and how I am able to find what I am looking for such as therapy groups.
    - Edan Zebooloon, LMHCA