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How CWa Helps You

Counseling Washington's network of counselors are here to help you!

Welcome to Counseling Washington, Washington’s most trusted Counselor Resource and Therapist Directory! Thank you for taking the time to peruse our website - we hope you find the resources and information helpful.

Our goals are to:
- Make mental health counseling information accessible
- Make information easy to understand
- Provide the best possible service to you
- Strive for the highest standards by listing reputable Washington State licensed counselors.
- Verify each person to ensure that you have qualified professionals to choose from.

Local Results for Local People!
With over 500 counselors to choose from in the Washington State area, you have access to local counselors who are ready to help you with your needs now. Click here to Find a counselor/therapist in your area.

Like you, we believe there should be truth in advertising. Terminology, modalities and a lot of the other jargon used in the counseling industry can be daunting or even misleading, especially when it comes to the use of credentials. You want to know that the counselor you choose has the education and training to best address your needs. Counseling Washington presents clear, consistent and current information for clarity.

24/7 Information at your fingertips.  Find pertinent information quickly. You don’t have to work so hard to find counseling & therapist services in your area because Counseling Washington does that for you. We work hard to get the best SEO ranking high in the search engines to find what you are searching for quickly and easily! You can now search by zip code, last name or company name. (Add the secondary search info here?)

We believe in a more holistic approach to counseling.  Individual counseling is key when you need it, but you may also benefit from peer support in a safe environment. That is why we offer Group Therapy Listings and a list of support resources as well, providing you a wider range of choices.

Connect with Counselors who speak your native language! If a language barrier is preventing you from finding your best counselor “fit”, consider searching our network of therapists who privately practice in a foreign language as well as in English.  This includes American Sign Language. Search for a foreign language counselor by using our Foreign Language Counselor directory. Type the zip code in your area and all of the language listings will appear.

Are you or a loved one a Victim of a Crime?  Violent crimes leave a wake of painful memories and no amount of compensation can ever diminish or erase them. If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury from a violent crime in Washington State, we have a list of counselors that offer services to help.

This Washington State program is intended to help in recovery and ease some of the financial burdens. Specifically, the CVCP program provides financial compensation to crime victims for medical bills, loss of financial support, and funeral expenses. Find A Crime Victim Compensation Provider in your area or contact the Crisis Clinic for additional CVCP counselors.

Email us or call us for assistance. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information with a self-help approach but sometimes you need a live person to assist. Accessible and timely return phone calls and emails happen when you contact us if you are having any difficulty navigating this site or needing further assistance.


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