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Member Benefits


  1. Activity Tracking - You will receive a monthly email reporting the activity on your Counseling Washington profile/listing or you may log in to your account and view your listing traffic anytime.

  2. Network Membership - by joining Counseling Washington you become a member of our Washington State network of sites.

  3. Online Support - your membership account includes technical support forums, Search Engine Optimization tips for use while creating your profile/listing, and industry updates affecting your local area, Washington State

  4. Private Referral Emails:  every profile on our site includes a link for consumers to use to email me using the Counseling Washington referral form - your personal email is never displayed

  5. Web Site Links:  drive more traffic to your practice website using a weblink from your Counseling Washington listing.


Listing Types and Fees


Counselor Profile/Listing

(Includes a mini profile for counselors who speak a foreign language and
a mini profile for those with Crime Victim Compensation Provider status, where applicable.)

Therapy Group Listing $13.50/mth.
Counseling Office Space Available $13.50/mth.
Workshop/Training - Counselor Related $17.00/mth.
Approved Washington State Supervisor $16.00/mth.
Job Position Opening $15.00/mth.