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(mostly all) Counseling related Acronyms and Abbreviations



UBI = Unified Business Identifier Number.  For businesses in Washington State, the 9-digit Washington Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number is a handy thing. Your UBI number works across WA state agencies. Whether you’re operating as an independent contractor, applying for a trade license, or paying your taxes, you’ll need this number. 


UHCIA = Uniform Health Care Information Act
(RCW 70.02, Washington State) governs the disclosure of health care information by health care providers and their agents or employees. 


USABP = United States Association for Body Psychotherapy
Founded in 1996, the USABP was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1997. Body Psychotherapy is an inclusive field that draws from many eras and traditions including the ancient traditions of intuitive and natural healing, the somatic psychotherapies, the American Dance Therapy tradition, the psychoanalytic field, and the more modern traditions of Humanistic, Existential, and Phenomenological psychology. The need for healing the mind-body split is the hallmark of Body Psychotherapy.

USPRA = United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
An organization of psychosocial rehabilitation agencies, practitioners, and interested organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting, supporting and strengthening community-oriented rehabilitation services and resources for persons with psychiatric dis­abilities. Formerly known as the IAPSRS.

VA = Veterans Administration 

Find a VA location or in-network community care provider.
For same-day care for minor illnesses or injuries, select Urgent care for facility type.
Need Community Care Referral? Call (206) 277-4545 or (206) 764-2876

Veterans' Health Library

Veterans' Living Resource Guide

VC = Vocational Counselor
Vocational counselors help injured workers and employers identify return to work options including job modifications. If no appropriate return to work options can be identified with your employer, the vocational counselor will assess your ability to work or need for further services. If you are eligible for vocational services your counselor will help you develop a rehabilitation plan aimed at helping you return to the workplace.


VSED = Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking 
is one of two end-of-life options for individuals in facing imminent decline and suffering who may not qualify for MAID/DwD-- end-of-life options available in Washington State, but not commonly understood. Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) was made legal in Washington over 12 years ago through the Death with Dignity (DwD) Act.


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