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Licensed & Associate Mental Health Counseling Contractors

Job/Position Opening

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Licensed & Associate Mental Health Counseling Contractors

Job/Position Opening

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Cedar Valley Counseling



20102 Cedar Valley Road Lynnwood, WA 98036


Position/Job Description:

Cedar Valley Counseling is adding a location in Everett, Washington. I am looking for LMHC-A's, and LMHC's to fill positions in a counseling practice seeing a wide range of clients. This is a 'group' practice- in the idea of participating in a community of therapists at the same time as having autonomy as a private practitioner. You will have business and professional support and operate your counseling practice in a supportive environment. Cedar Valley Counseling holds 15 group contracts that you would be expected to join (fully licensed therapists.) Angela Olson, LMHC is clinical supervisor for LMHC-A's. Rent is received by CVC along with a monthly office fee for internet/fax and office supplies. You will be able to have access to the insurance contracts CVC holds- licensed therapists will be added under their own name to the group contracts. 1099's are provided at years end for tax purposes. Co-pays and co-insurance are accepted by the individual therapists. Billing to the insurance companies is provided.


Qualification Requirements:

LMHC-A's LMHC Good clinical skills, play well with others as we have a group setting, good record keeping skills, interested in private practice, willing to take positive direction. You will carry 1 million/3 million in professional liability insurance. You will have a state issued UBI and a city business license (Lynnwood/Everett).


To Apply:

Contact Angela Olson
(425) 338-7589


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Call or email us for more information. (425) 338-7589