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Master's Level Clinician

Job/Position Opening

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Master's Level Clinician

Job/Position Opening

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A Positive Alternative




Position/Job Description:

A Positive Alternative is a long established outpatient treatment program for Chemical Dependency, located in Seattle, Washington. (Please visit our web site for more in-depth information regarding our treatment philosophy at We are currently seeking a Master’s Level clinician with experience in the mental health field and an interest in Chemical Dependency. The strong candidate would have training and experience, or an abiding interest, in Chemical Dependency treatment. Holding a CDP would be ideal, though not required to begin work at APA.  It is a requirement to obtain a CDPT, which can be achieved through a simple online application with DOH, with the intent to complete the CDP requirements in a timely manner.

We offer our clients gender specific groups that are not based on a 12-Step model of treatment, but provide a client-centered experience using Motivational Enhancement, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and emotion regulation skills and strategies. Our clients learn the importance of self-care and self-respect as the foundation of their recovery from their problematic behavior with substances. We would like to find someone whose philosophy of addiction is largely aligned with that of our agency and who would enjoy working in a small organization with professionals who are open to new ideas, supportive and collaborative with each other, while also demonstrating an ability to work independently. A strong candidate will have experience leading groups of adults as well as working therapeutically with clients in an individual setting.

Because we have a unique approach to treatment, we find new staff benefit greatly from an extended training period with our clinicians. This can last 1-3 months and could consist of 8-10 hours per week. Following training, it is possible for a person to begin working with clients individually and in groups 10-12 hours a week to start and as much as 20-25 hours over time. Our clinicians are independent contractors and are paid an hourly wage (commensurate with experience). Most groups are held in the evening for 2-3 hours and individual sessions are scheduled in accordance with his or her personal schedule. If you have an interest in this opening, please send your resume and cover letter, explaining a bit about yourself to Andrea St. Clair at:


Qualification Requirements:

Master's degree in Counseling or related field.

Chemical Depenency Professional (CDP) ideal, but not required. Obtaining CDPT is required.

Training or experience in Chemical Dependency Treatment.


To Apply:

Contact Andrea St. Clair
(206) 547-1955


Web Site:

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Call or email us for more information. (206) 547-1955