Middle School | Long Term Substitute Counselor | Full Time | January - June 2022

Job/Position Opening

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Middle School | Long Term Substitute Counselor | Full Time | January - June 2022

Job/Position Opening

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Lakeside School



14050 1st Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125


Position/Job Description:

Lakeside School, an independent coeducational day school located in North Seattle, is currently recruiting for a Middle School Long Term Substitute Counselor. They will provide 1:1 support to address student social-emotional needs as well as respond to any emerging crises. They will also conduct safety assessments as needed to ensure that students are receiving essential treatment and support. The long term substitute will be a critical element of support we provide to students in the Middle School and will have expertise concerning the social, emotional, and developmental needs of adolescent students and will embrace strengths-based and culturally responsive perspectives. They will work as a collaborative member of the Student Support Team (SST) which includes two learning resources coordinators, a family support liaison, the financial aid programs director, the assistant director, and the director of student and family support as well as the 5-12 counseling team, which includes two additional counselors at the Upper School.

The exempt position is scheduled to begin January 18, 2022* – June 8, 2022 and is a benefit eligible assignment.
*There is flexibility for an earlier or later start date, based on candidate availability.

The Middle School Counseling Program provides a multi-level net of social and emotional support for students. The first level of support involves actively working to be visible to all students and seen as a resource, maximizing the possibility that students will voluntarily self-refer. The counselor also keeps open office hours to allow students to drop in alone or with friends; this allows for easy access to the counselor without having previously scheduled appointments. The highest levels of support involve providing short- term or long-term direct services.

The Middle School Long Term Substitute Counselor is a temporary position with the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide 1:1 culturally responsive counseling support to 5th , 6th , 7th , and 8 th grade to help them with developmental and social-emotional needs including self-regulation and awareness, social problem-solving, self-care, and stress management. This includes meeting with students as scheduled, supervising and supporting students who drop into the counseling office, keeping records of student meetings, and offering outside referrals when applicable.
  2. Provide crisis intervention and safety assessments according to the school’s safety protocol
  3. Provide consultation with faculty, staff, advisors, families, and outside providers about student needs and concerns
  4. Be an active and engaged member of the Student Support Team. This includes attending and participating in weekly Students Support Team meetings to discuss students in need of support, following through on relevant action items, maintaining documentation using the SST systems, and collaborating and consulting with the 5-12 counselors and Student Support Team as needed.
  5. Attend and participate in student grade-level meetings, student staffings, and the co-curricular life of the school
  6. Maintain a warm and inviting presence on behalf of the Counseling Office including intentionality in appealing to different and diverse groups of students


Qualification Requirements:

Requirements and Qualifications

  1. A degree in counseling, school counseling, psychology or social work
  2. Excellent knowledge of the social-emotional and developmental needs of adolescent students
  3. Training and experience with safety and risk assessment
  4. Experience with educational settings is preferred
  5. Ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team
  6. Ability to connect with adolescents while maintaining appropriate boundaries
  7. Demonstrated cultural awareness, including knowledge of self and the cultural lenses one brings to interactions. The candidates will understand different perspectives, interact respectfully with cultures other than one’s own, and cultivate meaningful relationships with people that have different cultural frameworks.
  8. Candidates must satisfactorily complete two criminal background checks

 Working At Lakeside
At Lakeside we are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community.  To learn more about our professional development and mentoring programs, benefits, diversity and inclusion, and opportunities for involvement in non-academic programs, please visit our Careers page on the Lakeside School website. 

Lakeside School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.  


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