Licensed Mental Health Counselor or Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor or Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Job/Position Opening

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Cedar Valley Counseling



20102 Cedar Valley Road Lynnwood, WA 98036


Position/Job Description:

Cedar Valley Counseling has a great reputation in the Snohomish County area. We have two locations, Lynnwood and Everett. Cedar Valley is a private practice- a professional home not a commercial machine. Therapists can begin as an intern or an associate, achieve their full license and then have an opportunity to switch to a 1099 Independent Contractor model and begin their own private practice with Cedar Valley Counseling! CVC has a good working environment with a lot of freedom for therapists to work with clients in an ethical and richly professional way developing their own clinical style!

Currently we are seeking several 3-4 day per week mental health counselors. There is on site supervision if you are an LMHC-A or other associate licensed counselor. We serve the mental health needs of the community in the broadest scope possible. Cedar Valley Counseling holds all 5 medicaid contracts in the area as well as a number of commercial insurance contracts. If you have a heart for the medicaid population and desire to serve the community with the most need without the stressors of community mental health we are a good fit for you. Cedar Valley also serves clients with commercial insurance as well.

Cedar Valley takes extra effort to allow clinicians to assist in building their case load, no one has too many clients with the same presenting problems unless this is your desire! Mostly- a variety in case load keeps things interesting and avoids burnout for clinicians. Start and end times are set with the therapists best work life balance in mind. Our environment is warm and casual. Documentation (we use Theramanger/Psychease) is reasonable and focused on what is necessary to ensure quality care.

We offer a combination of Telehealth and in person services to our clients. Our clinicians have the option to work from home part time after we get to know you a bit. The goal is to build a community so no provider feels alone!

I have been reading "The Good Life" by Robert Waldinger and Marc Shulz Phd., it is an overview of the longest scientific study on human happiness. Basically, our relationships are what matter! "Good relationships keep us happier, healthier, and help us live longer." Work relationships are important along with our family and friend groups. In work relationships we can get to know people who are from different generations and backgrounds. The variety and quality of work relationships can reduce stress and enrich our daily lives. I have continued to hold in person office space with the belief that remote work is not the solution long term for clients or clinicians. If you are interested in returning to relational work space give me a call. - Angela Olson, Cedar Valley Counseling 


Qualification Requirements:

Valid license for counseling in WA state (LMHC, LMHC-A, LICSW, LMFT etc)

Desire to see clients in person with some telehealth offered as needed depending on client need. 

Excellent clinical skills, play well with others as we have a group setting, good record keeping skills, willing to take positive direction. Will train. Desire to serve the greater population and not just the worried well!

Able to do intake assessments and formulate client treatment plans. We continue to offer support these tasks as needed.

Able to form therapeutic relationships with clients and value the individual clients humanity.



To Apply:

Contact Angela Olson
(425) 215-8760


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Call or email us for more information. (425) 215-8760