Listing Types and Fees

Pay as you go. Low monthly rates make advertising on Counseling Washington affordable.  All listings are subscription-based and bill monthly, automatically via credit card until you cancel. There are no hidden fees, no annual membership fees. There are 6 listings types to choose from. All listings are counseling-related and counseling appropriate.

Listing Opportunities

Listing Type


Counselor Profile
(Includes a free language and/or Crime Victim Compensation Provider mini-profile, where applicable.)

$14.00/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

Therapy Groups

$13.50/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

Counseling Office Space Available

$13.50/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

WA. State Approved Supervisor Profile

$16.00/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

Job Openings (counselor-related)

$15.00/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

Workshops/Training for Counselors

$17.00/mthly (auto-renewing until cancelled by you!)

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