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Counseling Washington offers eight (8) different ways for you to build your private practice.  Joining Counseling Washington’s network of counselors and therapists is quick and easy providing many added benefits for you!  We are proud to be Washington State's most effective client referral service to counselors, therapists, and clinical social workers in private practice while providing a great service to clients in search of counseling services.

This site receives 45,000 to 65,000 thousand Unique Visitors (source: Google Analytics) each month. Some visit more than once so there is an even larger total number of visits and many thousands more "page-views" (the actual number of pages that visitors looked at usually runs between 95,000 and 130,000 page views a month).

Features & Benefits

Becoming a member of Counseling Washington’s Network has many benefits. Each of the 6 listing types displays specific information about your services and offerings and provides an easy way for potential clients to reach you.

  • Promote your services to potential clients and/or the counseling industry locally.

  • Choose from 2 general public listing types – Counselor Profile, Therapy Group Listing. (Foreign Language Mini-Listing and Crime Victim Compensation Provider listings are included as a part of your Counselor Profile where applicable.)

Counseling Washington offers you access to promote your services to two different marketplaces.  The first is potential clients.  With Counseling Washington you can showcase your private practice by creating a Counselor Profile.  Additional Counselor Listing Advantages include:

  • You can add a second office location within your counselor listing if you have and second office you practice from at no additional charge!

  • You can add a 2nd Language Profile to your counselor listing at no extra charge! If you have a counselor listing, you speak a second language fluently and are able to provide counseling  in this language proficiently, this is a great way to set yourself apart from others!

  • You can also add a CVCP listing to your counselor listing at no additional charge. Not all counselors have this credential so why not add this to your repertoire? It is a great way to show you can provide this service!

Counselor profiles provide a complete overview of your private practice and highlight your specialties.  Potential Clients have the ability to better understand your business and get to know you in greater detail by checking your location, reading about your counseling philosophy, perusing the issues you can help them with, reviewing your treatment approaches, qualifying their insurance information and much more!  

Maximize your time and effort by offering a therapy group for clientele who are looking for a peer group environment discussing similar issues. Don’t have enough interest or know how to get a group started? Many therapists create a listing just to generate interest and when they have enough persons to start a group, they sure up a meeting time and place. Both interest-generating and secured group are two ways to make the most of your time and expertise! It would only take one group to more than offset the cost of an ad! Both approaches are easy to set up with Counseling Washington and keep in mind; you can edit the listing as things progress. It is a monthly subscription and the listing can start out as interest-generating and can easily turn into multiple groups.

Counseling Washington also offers you the unique ability to promote services to others in the counseling industry.  This is the second marketplace made available to you by joining our network.  

  • Choose from 4 different, counseling industry listing types.  Create a Washington State Approved Supervisor Listing, Counselor-related Job Opening Listings; Workshop/Training Listings for Counselors and Office Space Listings for Counselors.

  • Participate in blog posts and/or submit an article to publish on the site to open additional communication with others in your profession.

All Listing Features


You have unlimited, real-time (dynamic) editing/publishing capability at your fingertips! Log into your account as often as needed, make changes or even change your marketing direction immediately. In fact, we encourage you to visit your profile at least 2-3 times a year to keep current and make adjustments to better market yourself.


Give your client a great first impression by graphically enhancing your listing. Most of our listings include the ability to add at least one image while other listings allow a photo gallery of 5 pictures! We encourage you to use your professional, high quality photographs to all of your listings to add visual interest!


Potential clients can reach you in one of three ways: phone, email or through your website. This information is pulled directly from your profile, information you provide when you create a listing. For inquiries, clients will click on a form link generated by our system which connects directly to you.  Your actual email address is never published. Utilizing forms helps you by tracking how your clients are trying to contact you and protecting you from unwanted email spam at the same time.


Review or print your custom report anytime you need! Counseling Washington gives you the ability to print reports on demand. Create your customized report online or print the PDF file. You can print two types of reports:

(1) A billing report that you can automatically generate with your specified date range for reconciliation or tax purposes; or

(2) Create a marketing tracking report or “click through” report to let you know how clients are interested in you. Counseling Washington offers a unique advertising approach for both the consumer community and the therapist community. 

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Counseling Washington provides local results for local people.   Effective Search Engine Optimization is key to ensuring our site remains highly listed with search engine results.  In order for this to occur there is a wide range of ongoing activities done by Counseling Washington staff/associates to maintain search engine results.

Activities include:

  • Submitting our site to all major search engines, directories, white pages and other resources online.

  • Each Counselor Profile is separately optimized for search engine effectiveness.

  • All site content pages are optimized for search engine pick up.

  • Counseling Washington uses social media to further enhance our site visits by providing easy connection from the web to social media outlets and back.

  • Counseling Washington utilizes online advertising to build consistent online visibility.

  • Counseling Washington attends various association and training meetings to further promote the site.

  • Utilize traditional media outlets such as newspaper and television advertising

Within the Counseling Washington website clients can search as broadly or narrowly as they wish beginning with a zip code, last name or company name. Clients can then further refine their search criteria to suit their specific needs, for example upon submitting 98103 as the search zip code criteria a potential client may then elect to further refine their search results by selecting from our extensive “advanced search” features which allow them to select a specific area of concern, or even what insurance is accepted, to find the fit that best meets their needs.

Counseling Washington consistently displays top search engine results making you more visible to potential clients. Additionally, you can dynamically update your profile to tailor your listing to keep up with market trends and demands.

Because we have over 500 active counselor/therapists listed on Counseling Washington’s website, we have an established web site presence that is recognized by the industry in Washington State as a market leader with high SEO rankings. This translates to more exposure and an easier way for clients to find you!


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