Private Practice Support Services

The following information is intended to help counselors throughout Washington State find professional resources in different fields related to starting or efficiently running a business. These resources are non-counseling entities who are recommended and referred by counselors who have worked with them and vouch for their effectiveness. These referrals are from counselors listed on the Counseling Washington website.

What professionals would you recommend to other counselors looking for help with their business practices? Please let us know and we will add them to our list below.

Accounting Services

Terry Smith

Smith and DeKay, PS#600
108th Ave NE, Suite #1030
Bellevue, WA 98004
“Terry is great, I use him for my business and personal taxes. He has helped me more than any other CPA I have used (I have tried three others!) and helped correct errors and misinformation from previous accountants. He is not inexpensive, but definitely worth the price.”
[Recommended by Tana Anderson, MA, LMHC]

Randi L Joseph, CPA
Joseph and Associates
(206) 682-3177
1218 3rd Ave, Suite #508
Seattle, WA 98101
“Excellent skills and very personable.”
[Recommended by Adrian Jarreau, PsyA]

Anderson & Elite Accounting, Inc.
(425) 775-8406, recommended for income tax, estimated tax, IRS issues and petitions, set up Incorporations and LLC, bookkeeping, consulting and payroll. [Recommended by Cindy Rushin-Gallagher, LMHC]

Banking Services

I have a business checking and credit card that I use so everything is all tidy and differentiated from my private checking account. I pay myself with the on-line transfer from business account to personal account.
[Recommended by Eileen Stein]


Quickbooks Accounting Software
I do all of my daily accounting. I do all of my own input of invoices/charges for services rendered and then all of my income from clients (cash and check). Everything I do is logged into QuickBooks by me: all transactions, credit card payments, expenses, etc.. and it is simple to pull up graphs/pie charts, lists of expenses/income vs debit ratio... in this way I am self sufficient and do NOT have to pay a book keeper to do something I can do for myself.. a savings for me.
[Recommended by Eileen Stein]


Computer Help

"EXP Technical is an IT services company that can provide support for existing computer systems and make recommendations or install new equipment.
If you are in need of getting setup for the first time with video conferencing and related equipment, EXP Technical is a good company to work with. Ongoing support is provided via a small, local phone support help desk or on-site service if needed.
Recommended by Floyd Else, Webmaster: Counseling Washington. The owner, Patty Sather is a trusted friend. [their services are not cheap, but the reductions in your in time, effort, and frustration, is a real savings.] 

Credit Card Processing For Counselors

I began using Quickbooks credit card system several years ago to avoid the client's, "I forgot my checkbook" delay in payment and not wanting to chase after clients for payment. It cost some, but to me the cost/benefit works for me.. plus it is all tax deductible in terms of the software and % to the credit card company expense.
[Recommended by Eileen Stein]

Employee Payroll For Counseling Practices

I recommend a great, inexpensive payroll tool: Intuit Online Payroll, from Intuit Small Business.
[Recommended by Tana Anderson, MA, LMHC]


Attorney / Lawyer / Legal Advice Related to Counseling

Webmaster's Note: We do have an attorney, Eric Ström, who advertises his services to counselors on the Counselor Workshop page under the category--Ongoing and Monthly Counselor Workshops, with the title, "How to Limit Your Legal Risk as a Mental Health Professional." See Eric Ström, (206) 295-0076 [ Email Eric Strom ] [ to counselor - therapist website ]

I have used an attorney once when a BPD client was dealing with a custody battle and trying to pull me in. I found Kristen Anderson, JD to be very helpful both in terms of the legal pieces/consult as well as her understanding of the mental disorders pieces. She is in Ballard at 2208 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA 98107. (206) 781-3610.
[Recommended by Eileen Stein]

Two attorneys who have served my clients well in personal injury protection cases and have worked well with me are:
(1.) Michael Nelson, 17th Floor, Hoge building, Second Avenue Seattle (206) 623-7520.
(2.) And Don Morgan, 6218 Seaview Ave. NW Seattle, 98107 (206) 342-9636. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is no-fault coverage for damage resulting from an automobile accident.
[Recommended by Doniella Boaz]

The following are are attorneys who have been recommended by WAMFT members for their work in the family law field.
(1.) Joseph Schaub, MA, JD, LMFT (206) 587-0417, Collaborative Divorce and Legal Consultation and Representation of Therapists
(2.) Jane Rhodes, Attorney, 253-852-2345, 555 W Smith Street, Kent, WA 98035. Child Custody, Divorce Mediation.
(3.) Stephen R. Feldman, Jr., J.D., Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, (206) 621-7007 (call 9 to 4) 216 - First Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98104. Consultations with mental health practitioners on ethical and legal issues that arise in their practices.
[Info from Kirk Roberts, Executive Director, WAMFT]

Legal Aid for Low-Income Washington residents with civil legal problems is available through the Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid. Services are provided by non-profit legal aid organizattions throughout the state.

Sources of Free Legal Information on Washington State Law: This list identifies free Internet sources of information on Washington State law, organized by subject. This is a service of the Maran Gould Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington School of Law.


(malpractice insurance and business liability insurance)

Don't insurance. I have professional liability insurance and commercial liability insurance. I got them through CPH. It would have been helpful to have a few resources to contact. Thanks.
[Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz]

NOTE: We have devoted a full page just to the various insurance programs that are highly regarded and recommended by national counselors organizations.

Web Site Design & Maintenance of Counselor Websites

Talking Dog Media
Lisa Pastore
Bellevue WA
Lisa has been helping me with my website for a couple of years and I have found her to be very dependable, diplomatic, and hardworking. [Recommended by Floyd Else, MA, LMHC (ret.), Webmaster:]


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